Update for the Coronavirus

Unfortunately we have to be concerned about a new sickness outside of the flu , pneumonia and many more . This new disease has the symptoms of runny nose, sore throat, cough,fever, and or difficulty breathing. Everyone is a little worried about how this disease because it can be transmitted through cough or sneeze and some older individuals have passed away from this illness.North Carolina is under a state of emergency.

With that being said Campbell University has moved from face to face contact to online and remote learning.We will return to the regularly scheduled program on April 6,2020. Many seniors are wondering will this do something to graduation in May. The university is asking that everyone leave as soon as possible. No matter what your plans are please respond to the email sent out so that the university can get a head count of the ones left.

No matter what we must be safe and smart about how we move as community.We don’t have any positive cases on campus. Our online classes are mandatory and the students will be in direct contact with their professors to know what the expect from this point on.

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