Tips on Tuesday

Today is Tuesday and we have officially been out of school for a full week. Everyone has been adjusting to the new online classes while also thinking how will we be graded. On the other hand the seniors have been heartbroken to hear that the May ceremony will be postponed. With all the chaos and they continuous changes many students are on the verge of a breakdown and are beginning to become overwhelmed. Even though we are away from campus counseling services are on stand by to have a session over the phone if you need someone to listen in these different times.

The tip for everyone is to take a step outside away from the electronics and look out into the world and try to find something you have never noticed before. This can be how your parents park their cars or how the mailbox leans a little more to the right than it should. Give your mind a moment to experience something outside of the walls of your home. This is also a great moment to take a breath and allow yourself to relax.

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