Update on the Coronavirus

Campbell University has switched over to virtual learning meaning the students and professors are now using computers and cellphones to continue the learning process. Some professors have implemented office hours online to have that one on one time with students who may need it. After an recent statement release we will continue to use virtual learning. Another recent statement encouraged for all the remaining students to move off campus since we will not be returning back to face to face contact this spring semester. In other news we have had three cases to test positive on having the coronavirus on campus. The university has kept them in quarantine and hasn’t given an recent update on the status of these individuals.

President Creed has released statements to ease the wondering minds and heavy hearts after this pandemic has changed the course of this semester. Most students were shocked and also hurt once they received the news that we will not be returning to campus. For the seniors, this was their last chance to enjoy this great university and this has taken that option away. To add to that hurt the May commencement ceremony has been postponed. On this Thursday we will be hearing from a senior , telling their point of view during “Think Out Loud Thursday.”

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