Finals Week Stress Relief

With finals looming around the corner, students hurry to finish up their final presentations, last minute additions to their papers, and cramming before the last test of the semester. There is a lot of weight placed on these students as they prepare for their final grade in the class to become concrete, either hoping or fearing what their GPA will show come May. While these things are important, it is also important to focus on our mental health and doing things that will alleviate stress and take some time to focus on ourselves. Here are some ways the Campbell student body has stepped back and slowed things down so they can be ready to crush their finals…

  • Listening to your favorite music and having a dance session with your best friends (socially distant of course)
  • Taking a walk across campus
  • Rubbing the mustache on the good ole J.A. statue found in front of Kivett (for good luck of course)
  • Using up the rest of those camel bucks on some study snacks at any of the Pods throughout campus
  • Reading a book other than a textbook
  • Watching some feel good movies or tv shows to get your mind off of things
  • Soaking up the sun at the new tables outside the Student Union
  • Going to any last minute events on campus to see your favorite camel friends

Finals week doesn’t have to be as stressful as it sounds. Make sure to take some time to yourself and remember that grades don’t define you.


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