Student highlight: Shante Peterson

Shante Peterson Class of ’22

This week I spoke with Campbell senior Shante Peterson:

Why did you choose to attend Campbell?

“I decided on Campbell because it had been a dream of mine to attend since I was in the 8th grade. There were other schools that I was considering if I had not been accepted, but I knew that none of them were going to give me the home feel that Campbell does. So, I am extremely blessed and appreciative that I am able to attend.”

What is/are some of your favorite thing(s) about Campbell?

“My favorite things about Campbell are that I am not just a number when I attend but my teachers and advisors know me by name and who I am. I enjoy the many opportunities that Campbell gives to help students step out of their comfort zone and realize what their likes and dislikes are, as well as help them decide what they truly want to achieve once graduating. One of my other favorite things about Campbell is my campus job where I get to interact with numerous students whom I have created great relationships with, but we all get to interact with all the alumni who have such wonderful Campbell stories and the things you learn from each interaction is different and wonderful.”

What are some accomplishment that you are proud to have achieved while at Campbell?

“Some things that I have accomplished while being at Campbell are building on my social skills and learning how to interact with others, whether it be generally or professionally. Another accomplishment while being at Campbell is my campus job where I am an advocate for Annual Giving where I am interacting with Campbell students as coworkers, but also alumni who have been in my shoes and letting them know that without them, we wouldn’t be what we are and we wouldn’t have the things we do without their support.”

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