faculty friday: dr.paula parker

This week I spoke with Dr. Paula Parker , Associate Professor of the Department of Exercise Science.

What made you decide to work at Campbell?

“There are three main reasons I decided to join the Exercise Science program at Campbell University in 2016. I was impressed with Campbell’s mission to prepare students for purposeful lives and meaningful service. As a Christian who’s academic training is in sport & exercise psychology and counseling, I believe a life is purposeful when one serves God and others. The Exercise Science program has numerous majors so I get to teach students with a number of academic interests and get to teach many different courses. It is also a small university and I get to know my students well. I was born and raised in Eastern North Carolina so it was great to return to the state (after 15 years) to teach.”

What is your favorite thing(s) about Campbell?

“I love Christmas on campus with the tree lighting and decorations. We also sing “Joy to the World” at December graduation. I also really enjoy going to athletic events and cheering on the student-athletes. Go Camels!”

Any accomplishments that you’re proud of achieving whether here at Campbell or at any other point in time. As well as any organizations you are a part of at Campbell?

“I have created two new courses for the Department of Exercise Science: Stress & Well-Being and Exercise Psychology and I am a member of the Well-Being committee that started last year. I hope you’ve been able to check out a Well-Being Wednesday in the Student Union! Since 2006, I have been a Certified Mental Performance Consultant (CMPC®) with the Association of Applied Sport Psychology”

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