student highlight:Gabby Outlaw

What are you most excited for?

“Being able to meet more people and create new relationships. It’s always exciting to be on campus and enjoy the little things and recognize God’s creation in such beautiful ways. My college career is coming to a close soon so just soaking in every moment.”

What does your involvement on campus look like?

“I am an active sister and current Judicial Board Chair of Sigma Alpha Omega, I lead a small group with a friend, I am a member of the Premed Allied Health Honor Society, Theta Kappa Alpha and the Christian Studies club.”

What are some accomplishments you are most proud of?

“A general accomplishment I am proud of is my willingness to take opportunities presented to me and doing my absolute best in each of them. I’ve learned the true meaning of dedication and hard-work in college and I know the skills I’ve obtained will carry me into the stages of life.”

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