Faculty Friday: Dr. Kymm Ballard

Dr. Kymm Ballard

This week I spoke with Dr. Ballard a professor in Campbell University’s Department of Exercise Science.

What made you decide to work at Campbell?

“My entire career has been in public schools, which I have loved. However, as I sought to regain my faith, it seemed to become harder to show my life of Christ. I was seen as favoritism for some students, or some became jealous when I was able to connect to students’ others did id not connect. I could not pray with students or even tell them I would pray for them. As my faith grew, so did my calling to do more. I have worked in K-12 schools, the Department of Public Instruction, the Corporate and Non-profit world. I loved my time in all. But there was a calling to Campbell. I knew Dr. Woolard from her amazing work in health and physical education teacher education. I began as an adjunct both at Campbell and UNC Greensboro. When the opportunity came about, I knew this place was the place for me right now. So much was going on in my life and I think I needed Campbell as much as I think Campbell needed me. I love my students and can share that I love them. My heart feels with joy to see them and work with them. ALL of them. I was re-baptized in June 2018 as an adult to recommitted myself and attribute Campbell University as a part of God’s plan of my life.”

What is your favorite thing(s) about Campbell?

“The students and the ability to pray without fear. While these may be top of the list, I love our exercise science department and the people here at Campbell. I love what Campbell stands for both on campus and in the community. I love how Campbell reaches out to help others in need as well as leans in to assist our students, especially through these though years of Covid. My favorite thing about Campbell….. is Campbell.”

Any accomplishments that you’re proud of achieving whether here at Campbell or at any other point in time. As well as any organizations you are a part of at Campbell?

“I have been blessed to have the experiences I have had and met the wonderful people that helped me along the way. It is with their help that I have accomplished so many things from awards to officers. Currently, I am the Vice President of our state organization that represents the Health and Physical Educators, Athletics, and Sport Management, NC SHAPE. Also, my peers elected me President-Elect of SHAPE America, the national supporting organization for health, physical education, and sport. This organization creates and disseminates the standards that states adopt for k-12 schools, and act as the SPA for CAEP. This year I have been trained to go and assess other universities which has helped me improve my own program. I love working with the School of Education in preparing our students and staying involved in these state and national organizations to at help keep Campbell in the forefront of innovative education.”

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