Campbell Softball double header (march 26)

This Saturday Campbell softball played a double header against Presbyterian. Where they went 1-1 losing the first game 0-4 and winning the second game 4-0, with a one hitter performance by the pitcher Smith. After the game I was able to interview Campbell fan Tai Goode. Here is what he had to say:

Question: How did you feel about Campbell going into the second game vs Presbyterian?

Answer: You know, I was confident they were going to win. Now knowing what the have to fix going in to this second game, so it was no surprise they won to me honestly.

Question: With Smith pitching so well in the second game, how do you think that played a part in Campbell’s victory? 

Answer: Well defensively it starts with the pitcher being able to strike out those other players. But it also takes a team effort to be able to catch those pop balls and make those plays and tough catches on the bases.  

Question: Will be at the next game vs Presbyterian?

 Answer: Of course! You already know it, Go Camels!

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