Campbell Disney Trip: Day 4

Sadly, this was our last day of magical fun at Disney. On our last day, we went to Animal Kingdom, there were amazing views of the famous large tree in the park (yes, it’s real!). The tree was incredible up close and at night they did a firework show on the tree. There were so many animals, the ride through the safari and learning information about the animals was my personal favorite ride! We also got on a water rapid ride, where we all got soaked, even though we were wearing our ponchos (they weren’t much help). This park is perfect for you, if you love animals and nature. I would recommend getting on the Avatar Flight of Passage ride, it is absolutely insane! It is a ride, where it makes you feel like you are actually riding a banshee through Pandora’s many spectacular sights! It is the more unreal ride, I’ve ever been on. If possible, definitely check it out!

– Karina A.

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