Wellness Wednesday

Name: Devin Guzman
Major: Finance
Year: Senior
Hometown: Chocowinity, NC

1. What is something that is stressful to you? What is something you do to reduce that stress?

The most stressful thing for me is having multiple things to do at once. I’m involved in various things, and sometimes work, events, and tests intersect. The best way to reduce stress is to simply get things done. Getting ahead on an assignment much before the due date will prevent the intersection of it with other important things, preventing stress.

2. What is a specific health goal you would like to achieve and how do you plan on achieving it?

A health goal of mine is to cut most junk food out of my diet. I wish to replace chips with fruit and takeout with homemade meals. I plan on achieving it by limiting my exposure to foods I wish to avoid. For example, instead of buying a big bag of chips I’ll buy lots of fruit and vegetables from the produce section.

3. What are ways that you are able to keep up with your responsibilities? 

 I must limit the amount of procrastination I do. I believe it’s important to take time off and rest, but I can’t let the things I have to get done boss me around. I’ll spend some time in the library and just knock some homework or studying out. I’m always tempted to watch a movie or do something unproductive, but that’s when I head over to the library instead and get into work mode.

Devin’s Favorite Wellness Quote:

“You ain’t really living unless you got something to die for”. – Martin Luther King Jr.

– Karina A.

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