Campbell softball vs Unc (April 13th)

Last night Campbell softball played against UNC at home. It was a close came with unc only scoring 3 runs in the 5th inning, losing 0-3. After the game I was able to interview Tai Goode A student at the game. Here is what Tai had to say.

Question: How do you feel about Campbell performance tonight?

Answer: I feel like they came to play first of all, they were shutting them out in the begging of the game. So I feel they would definitely beat them if they had the chance to play them again

Question: What does Campbell playing unc show?

Answer: It just shows that Campbell can play with the best of them. I don’t know how good UNC is but I do know who ever steps on that Campbell softball field is in for a rough night playing against our girls.

Question: How was the environment tonight?

Answer: the atmosphere tonight was amazing. It felt like everybody there was all in one unison. It was probably one of the loudest games I’ve been to.

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