Fortunate Friday

Name: Talia Scott

Major: History BA

Year: Senior

Hometown: Knightdale, NC

1.) Who are you most thankful for in your life?

 I’m most thankful for God in my life. He’s the reason I’m here and has never led me astray.

2.) What is an opportunity that you are fortunate about?

I’m very fortunate to get the opportunity to go to college: I’m first generation and for me, going to college is opening windows for my family.

3.) What is something someone else has done for you that you will always be grateful for?

My best friend of 3 years gave me rides on campus because I didn’t have a car and he never charged me a dime for gas. 

Talia’s Favorite Fortunate Related Quote:

“A thankful attitude brings more fruit into your life.”

– Karina A.

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