Student Life Interview

Interviewee: Anna Baker
Year: Junior
Major: Spanish Education
Hometown: Fayetteville, NC

How has it been handling work, school, and your personal life this far ?

“So far, it’s been good–stressful but good. This is my third year at
Campbell. Throughout my time here, I’ve been trying to balance
everything. There’s always something to do, worry about, read, etc.
Thankfully, I’ve learned to not stress so much and just do my best.
Being recently married, it’s been a lot to balance, but I’m thankful for
all of my support groups on and off campus. To me, the people at
Campbell are everything.”

Are you involved in any clubs/volunteering, work at school, internships, etc.
at school?

“I am involved at the library on campus–I work there with Ms. Berry
with ILL’s (Inter-Library Loans). I am also a Teaching Scholar, part of
the Common Ground club, and participate in small groups. This year, I
hope to join the Hispanic Association club on campus as well as the
foreign language club.”

What strengths do you bring to Campbell University?

I bring many strengths to Campbell. I have been blessed with the
ability to learn things easily, including languages, as well as with the
ability to teach concepts to others easily. I hope to continue to hone
these skills and get better at time management, which I am still
working on.

– Written by: Karina Adame


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