President of men’s club soccer Interview!

Name: Nathan Keiser

Grade: Senior

Major: Homeland Security Minor: Military Science

Hometown: Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia

1.) What do you contribute to the Campbell University community? 

“As president of CU Men’s Club Soccer team, I’d like to think I contribute to the CU community through the soccer club’s comradery and welcoming atmosphere. I make it a personal goal to make sure every player feels accepted and free to express themselves on the pitch. I want them to feel a sense of freedom from the pressures of their college commitments while playing the sport we all love.”

2.) What is the greatest challenge you have faced while attending Campbell?

“The greatest challenge I have faced while attending Campbell would be finding the time to be present at every practice and game. I truly love spending time with the guys playing soccer but at times it is important to accept some responsibilities that require priority. Luckily, I had great team captains that were willing to cover for me when I couldn’t.”

3.) What are the most important things about running a club here at Campbell?

“The most important thing about running a sports club at CU, I would say, is finding ways to keep morale high and at the same time understanding that many of the club members have other commitments as well. It is important to measure the progress of each individual so they can see the progress they have made. It gives every member purpose in their commitment to developing themselves for the team.”

4.) What do you wish to accomplish after attending Campbell?

“After attending college at Campbell I plan to commission into the US Army full-time. After a number of years working with IT in the Signal Branch of the Army I’d consider applying for a career with CISA working on homeland cybersecurity protection. But I’ll figure that out with assurance in due time.”

Interviewed by: Karina Adame

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