Student Advice

Name: Krystal Catalan

Grade: Sophomore

Major: Studio Art

Hometown: Garner, NC

1.) This far into the semester, what is your best advice to give someone who is under a lot of stress due to exams/project load?

“It is important to do your best but you also need to remember to put you and your mental health first. If in the end you can say that you are happy and that you did your best, who is to say that you weren’t successful.”

2.) Is there something/somewhere that helps you focus when you’re doing homework, studying, etc?

“Listening to very carefully curated music playlists helps me focus while studying.”

3.) If you work, volunteer or are in clubs, etc, how do you manage your time with that vs school?

“I manage my time by prioritizing the larger and more difficult tasks and once those are finished I do the little things to give myself time for extracurriculars. I also only work on the weekends so I make sure to do all my assignments during the week.”

Interviewed By: Karina Adame

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