Camel Life!

Name: Shelly Lopez Espinoza

Year: Freshman

Major: Biology Pre-PA

Hometown: Sanford, NC

1.) What is your favorite spot on campus and why? In what way has it helped you stay close to your Campbell community?

“Whenever I am out of class I always go to the Student Union. My friends always reserve a big meeting room where we are at every day whether it is to hang out or to complete work, we are all there for each other. It has helped me interact with other students and it has helped me find my group of friends here at Campbell.”

2.) What is one thing you wished Campbell had on campus and why?

“I feel like Campbell should have a few more different types of restaurants to eat at. Having to go to the same 3 places gets a little tiring after a while and I feel like the Gaylord kitchens food doesn’t taste all that good and doesn’t have a wide variety of foods to choose from. “

3.) Are you a part of any clubs?

“Yes, I am a part of the Campbell Hispanic Association and Physician Assistant clubs. I feel like the CHA club is very important to me because it helps me in connecting with my people and being able to make more friends as well as do events with them.”

Interviewed by: Karina Adame

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