Words of Wisdom

Name: Brandon Martinez

Major: Kinesiology

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Selma, NC

1.) What are some struggles you had to overcome your first semester of college?

“Some things I struggled with in my first year of college was being able to manage my time accordingly. I would constantly find myself running late to class or missing homework assignments. Also just the fact of being alone without no one watching after me.”

2.) Do you find the college experience similar or different to that of highschool? And what makes it similar/different?

“It was very different being in high school than being in college. For starters you are living away from home and your family. No one is watching over you to make sure you are doing well in school or that you are in good health. One must be able to do that for themselves. Another thing would be the professors. They are not going to babysit you like the teacher did in high school. If you miss a due date, you get a zero and that is it.”

3.) What advice would you give to a senior in high school who wants to apply to college?

“They must be prepared to feel somewhat alone the first few months. Also to adapt quickly and be able to manage your time well. Keep up with you email and school assignments, they are very important. Another thing would be to remember to eat, and keep up with your health. Sometimes we as students tend to skip meals or stay up later at night in order to strive in our classes.”

Interview by: Karina Adame


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