Dead or Alive?

Last week held a great many zombies on campus, and no I don’t mean sleep deprived students. There were literal zombies. Why? Because it was Zombie themed week here on campus. CAB hosted several events from Spring Fling where students volunteered their time to put smiles on developmentally disabled adults faces to a zombie carnival complete with funnel cake, rides, and games. The week ended on a less than dead note with a Great Gatsby themed formal in Garner. There were tons of flapper dresses, feathers, and glitz at the event where students danced the night away. Thank you CAB for a great week of fun! We hope you joined in on the festivities and are feeling a little more “alive” this week!

Written by Marisa Linton

Throwback Thursday

Spring Formal is this weekend in Garner, and although, it may be taking a trip back to the past with a Great Gatsby theme, I don’t think it will look quite like this flashback to the 80’s. This photo is from the 1987 yearbook featuring students dancing the night away.


I also doubt your dress will look like these fine specimens of the 80’s

pineburr1987camp_0036But if you would like to take a trip back in time, and dress in a Gatsby era for the formal on Saturday, maybe these 1928  Campbell student photos will give you some ideas. pineburr1928camp_0085We can’t wait to see every one all dudded up! Look for the Yearbook camera.

Written by Marisa Linton