Q&A with Campbell Faces

JaVonte Perry is a sophomore from Louisburg, North Carolina.  He studies communication and focuses on broadcasting and media.  He has been getting a lot of practice in for his future career through his YouTube channel.  He makes videos that are funny because he loves to put a smile on other people’s faces.  JaVonte makes videos based on events going on currently or things that are relevant to college students.  If you want to find his channel, all you have to do is search “JaVonte Perry” on YouTube.  His channel name is his real name, but he has a character name in his skits.  When asked why this is, he responded by saying:

“My channel name is my government name because I want people to remember my name.  A lot of times I see actors play a particular character or they will have a catchy name, and people only remembered them by that character rather their government name. Therefore,  I want people to acknowledge the funny names, or phrases I use but still remember me by my government name.”

In his future he wants to host a television or radio show.  He knew that to gain practice he could make videos and post them to YouTube, which is what he began doing two years ago. At first he didn’t know how to begin, but one day he posted a video and he has been posting ever since.  JaVonte welcomes any new ideas or anyone who wants to be in one of his skits!  Check out his latest “How  NOT to be a Freshman”.

Interview By: Hannah Gooding

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