Q&A with Campbell Faces

Originally from Ramseur, North Carolina, Tiffany Seawell came to Campbell not only to work hard, but to lead in Healthcare Management and Business.

“The first time I stepped foot onto Campbell’s campus, I locked in my decision. I love the atmosphere and I love the people,” Seawell said. “I have great relationships with not only my peers but also my professors and even the Dean of Lundy-Fetterman School of Business.”

Seawell has led the charge on campus in healthcare management, overseeing a panel discussion on healthcare expansion in North Carolina, as President of the Healthcare Management Club.

“We planned and worked up until the day of the panel discussion. We all worked tirelessly last semester, and I’m so proud to say that the panel discussion was a success.” Seawell said. “I definitely did not do it alone, I had a great team.”

In addition to hosting the outstanding panel discussion, Seawell has been a dynamic student leader in her field through her experiences interning.

“I have had two internships where I worked with the Administrator of a nursing home and the Administrator of an assisted living for the mentally ill. These internships were probably the most important thing I have done to better my education.” Seawell said. “After gaining experience, concepts in the classroom became real and I was able to connect to lessons more by being able to apply them to what I have experienced.”

Seawell attributes much of her success to the opportunities she was afforded as a student at Campbell.

“When I met Dean Hawkins on a visitation day, and he knew my name, I knew that this was my school.” Seawell said. “He promised me great opportunities and a great education, which I have gotten ten-fold.”











Written By: Louis Duke

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