Visitation Week

This week over one hundred future students visited our beautiful campus. With such a beautiful day our leaders have made the campus tours a success. We hope to see all of these students in the near future and welcome them as a Camel! Go  Camels!!!!IMG_8425

Education Major

Name: Yecenia Arellano-Parent

Hometown: Broadway, NC

Major: Education

Year: Senior


Why did you choose Campbell University as your school to pursue your degree?

When I first chose to come here to Campbell, I was originally an nursing major. Campbell was only thirty minutes from home, and I was excited to start my journey as a future nurse. After my first year as a nursing major I realized nursing was not my calling. After that year I decided to change my major to Education.

Do you regret choosing Campbell University?

I would never regret choosing Campbell as my home! The education program here is amazing and I’m overly excited to become a teacher and to tell my future kids about Campbell University!


It’s Here: We’re Graduating

It’s finally that time. Most of us thought that this day would never come. Some are dreading it and others are ready to start a new chapter. When we graduated high school, college became an anticipation and a start of something new. Four more years at a new school, with new people, and a brand new area we aren’t familiar with. Freshman year was filled with firsts and students became comfortable with the college atmosphere. We could finally say, “this is going to be the best four years of my life.” Little did we know the work was going to start piling on and we weren’t going to have time for all of the things we used to. Naps became a part of life, and taking food to class just so you’d be able to have a meal during the day became a part of your every day routine.

Strong friendships have been made, you’ve joined clubs and are now known on campus, but before we knew it we’re already upperclassmen. Two years have flown by and at this point the years are only going to get faster. It’s time we started to attend campus traditions and making the most of what freedom we take so much for granted. Every assignment, group project, presentation and exam seems to pile on one after another and finally, senioritis kicks in. Every faculty members nightmare. Students begin to check out as they start thinking about their future and how bad they’re ready to get out of Buies Creek!

Little do we know, as graduation quickly approaches, everything begins to set in. The friends we’ve gotten so close with might not be going in the same path that I am, I need to start applying to jobs, I have an interview on the same day as I have a test and I can’t miss it, I need to finish out with good grades not only for my GPA’s sake but so I’ll be able to graduate in the first place, and I’m about to leave this place I’ve become so familiar with to start a life for myself…I’m scared! What was the best four years of your life has already come to an end in the blink of an eye.

One month from today, I, along with many others in my class will be walking across that stage to receive the piece of paper we’ve all been working so hard towards. No matter how excited and anxious we may be, never forget about the memories you’ve made during your time at Campbell, but cherish that moment as you walk across that stage. We’ve worked so hard for it.

I wish everyone who’s graduating luck as they take on the next steps in their life.

Written by: Kaitlyn Dixon

Spring Final Exam Tips

Another year has already passed! Although summer is approaching, unfortunately, it’s time to start focusing on final exams again. I think it’s safe to say that we could all use some helpful tips when studying for exams.

The first thing you should start out with is a master to-do list. This way everything you have to do will be written out in one place and you can organize and plan your way through these exams.

  • Review your notes daily to familiarize yourself.
  • Identify the format of the exam.
  • Predict possible questions and quiz yourself.
  • Return to information you struggled with in the beginning.
  • Meet with the professor or get a tutor. Don’t be afraid to ask!
  • Create acronyms, rhymes, songs, or acrostics to help you remember the information.
  • Take breaks. Studying for too many hours at a time can impact your ability to take in information.
  • Study in a non-distracting area. Yes, the library might seem like your best bet but it does get loud in there sometimes. Take yourself to a quiet area.
  • Form a study group.

Following just one, or all of these tips are guaranteed you’ll ace your exams. Find out the one that works best for you when studying and get started! College students are known for their mastery in procrastinating. The longer you wait, the less study time you get and the chances of you starting at all begin to decrease every hour wasted. Sadly, it’s not going anywhere, so don’t wait until you feel like studying.

Good Luck!

Written by: Kaitlyn Dixon 

My Internship Experience: Last Week

I have officially obtained all of my hours (plus more) for my internship class. I have been given the opportunity to continue my internship in order learn the business as I apply and interview for automotive advertising businesses.

This isn’t my last week at work, but is my last week writing about my internship experience. As the last full month of my senior year is in full swing, I have a lot going on and other things I need to focus on in order to get my degree in just 1 short month! I have learned SO much during my internship at Capital Ford and I will be interviewing with their advertising firm next week (Sokal Media Group which I talked about in a previous weeks blog)! I’m praying everything has paid off.

I’ve really enjoyed blogging about my experience having an internship. I hope that I’ve been able to reach out to someone who is also interning somewhere or is having to take the internship class in their upcoming years. Having an internship is EXTREMELY important before beginning a career in your preferred field. Take advantage of the options that you’re given and NEVER turn down a chance to get experience.

Written by: Kaitlyn Dixon 

Alpha Delta Pi: Greek Week in the Creek

Greek Week in the Creek is in full force as the fraternities and sororities go back in time to the 90s. The purpose of Greek Week is to gain points from every challenge faced on a certain day. At the end of the week, based off of the points system, an overall winner is chosen to then receive the winners trophy. The sororities and fraternities have little opportunity to intermingle with each other, so Greek Week gives them the opportunity to pit against one another, all for a good cause. A little friendly competition never hurt anyone!

The main events include banner competitions, lip sync battles, and Greek games. To kickoff the week, ADPI sisters participated in the annual sheet banner competition (literally taking sheets and painting on them). This event didn’t seem to phase the sisters. “Saved by the Lion” surrounded by the diamond badge was the center piece of their eye popping banner created to advertise their sorority during this anticipated week. The banner was hung from the ADPI tent and judged by chosen Campbell faculty members based off of creativity, cleanliness, and ability to get the point across. After judging was complete, there was a bonfire and all of the organizations were able to get together, roast marshmallows and enjoy a ‘movie in the park’.

If you see any Greek Life participants around campus, or get a chance to watch any of their performances make sure to cheer them on as Greek Week comes to an end.

Written by: Kaitlyn Dixon 



My Internship Experience: Week 10

As my weeks at Capital Ford start to diminish I’m starting to apply to different places around the area. I haven’t decided when my last day at my internship will be, but I’m trying to stall out as long as I can! I’ve already obtained my required 180 hours for the class portion, and I’m in the process of beginning my portfolio filled with all of the work I’ve done throughout this process.

This week, I sent out text messages to hundreds of people who had an appointment to take their car in for service and/or had a recall or needed an oil change. These text messages were meant to sound like they were automated. I’ve always thought that’s what they were when I’ve been sent a text message reminding me of an appointment…but I guess someone takes the time to text all of those people just like I did.

In my previous posts I’ve mentioned the work starting to die down because I’m coming into my last weeks. The busy work is flowing and I feel like I’ve learned about all I can learn in regards to this business. I haven’t decided how many more weeks I’ll be posting about my internship experiences, but I”ll be sure to make everyone aware of my last post! Wish me luck while I send in my applications and hopefully get call backs to go in for interviews! We’ll see if this internship paid off!

Written by: Kaitlyn Dixon