Exam Break Schedule

The semester is almost over and exams are here.  So that you can have some exam breaks and stress relief, CAB, SGA, and Counseling Services have all come up with events for students to relax during this stressful time.

Monday December 1st is the first one and it will be in the Oasis from 9 p.m. to 12 a.m. This will be a time to study together while also participating in games.  Prizes will be awarded!

Tuesday December 2nd is the famed midnight breakfast.  Make sure you are ready with lots of patience if you plan to wait for this free food and a free t-shirt.

Wednesday is free Bojangles in Lillington from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. If you need some food to refuel your brain, come out to get a free supreme kids meal.

Thursday December 4th from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. there is going to be a stress free zone in the Alumni Room in Marshbanks.  There will be chair massages, coloring, Play-Doh, and bubble wrap popping.

On Friday, before those nasty Saturday exams, will be cookie decorating.  This will be in the Rumley Center at 7 p.m. and will be followed by the movie Elf in Turner Auditorium at 9 p.m.

Throughout the week be on the lookout for other study breaks in the library and even your dorms.

Have a great exam week and don’t end up like this guy!










Written By: Hannah Gooding

While you were Gone… November 21-23

This past weekend there were many performances going on from the opera Amal and the Night Visitors on both Friday and Saturday, and the Miss Campbell Pageant on Saturday. The opera was well done and the perfect length of time at only an hour.  It got the viewers in the Christmas spirit because it was about the three kings going to a poor families house on their way to see the Christ child.  The opera was filled with comedic relief and was done very well.

The Miss Campbell Pageant was also filled with laughter as the emcee cracked jokes throughout the entire pageant to keep it lively.  The pageant consisted of an opening number dance, Campbell wear, talent, and evening gown.  There were nine girls competing and for Campbell wear, they all wore something that portrayed what each girl does at Campbell.  The winner was Chelsey Bennett who will be representing Campbell for the next year.

In athletics this weekend, women’s basketball won on Friday with men’s basketball loosing on Saturday.

Have a great Thanksgiving!











Written By: Hannah Gooding

Throwback Thursday

The Miss Campbell Pageant is this weekend and there are 9 lovely ladies that will be wearing beautiful dresses and competing.  After taking a peak at the 1994 Pine Burr Yearbook, I discovered some other lovely ladies in pretty dresses.


These dresses really show their era.  Come to the pageant this weekend to make sure contestants are not wearing gowns with puffy sleeves!  This is the first time in many years that the Miss Campbell Pageant has been held.   They will be bringing it back on Saturday at 8:00 in Turner Auditorium and you don’t want to miss out!


Written By: Hannah Gooding 

While you were gone… November 14-16

The campus was quite quiet this past weekend as many students went home.  However, with this being the last full week of classes in the fall semester, the campus is buzzing again.

On Friday at 6, CAB hosted a mocktail party serving cheese, crackers, fruit and of course, mocktails.  As students arrived who signed up for the event, they saw easels set up with canvases.  Each canvas had an outline of a camel with a palm tree.  A wine and design company walked the students through the steps of painting their camel.  Just because the picture was already drawn on the canvas, does not mean they all looked the same.  Some students added sunglasses or added an army flair.

At the same time as the mocktail party was the woman’s basketball game.  They won against Pfeiffer.  The men’s basketball team also won at their game following the women’s game.

The rest of the weekend was quiet here in the creek, but check out what’s happening this week:

Tuesday:  As part of Homelessness Week, watch a documentary in Turner Auditorium about homeless in Wilmington, NC.  You can receive connections 200 credit.

At 8:30 is the Christmas Tree Lighting in academic circle

Wednesday:  Winter Formal at 8 p.m. in the convocation center.

Box-a-Thon in academic circle starting at 9 p.m. see what it is like to sleep in a box all night.

Thursday: Mockingjay Midnight premire! If you signed up, the CAB trip leaves at 5 p.m.

Friday: Women’s basketball game at 7 p.m.

Watch The Soloist in Turner Auditorium at 9 p.m.


Written By: Hannah Gooding

Q&A With Campbell Faces

Hannah Shackelford, junior English major, discusses books, being a part of a sisterhood, and being busy.

Hannah (1)











Q: What is an interesting fact about you?


A: I am in Delta Phi Epsilon. I am a founder and the current secretary.


Q: What made you want to be a part of a sorority?


A: The sisterhood. The idea of having people you can always call on for anything. I never had a sister so now I have 50 at this school, and so may more nationwide.


Q: What do you do with the sorority?


A: Well, actually it is our biggest fundraising event of the year was Friday. We had a pageant to raise money for cystic fibrosis. The pageant had 10 men competing to win.


Q: Why did you choose English as your major?


A: I have always loved books. I really have a passion for reading but not writing so much. I want to edit books and help people to make their books better.


Q: What are your plans for after graduation?


A: Grad school, hopefully in England but we’ll see. Then I want to get a job at a publishing house. Hopefully I will be able to work either in an office or at home when I have a family. That really appeals to me.


Q: What else are in involved in on campus?


A: I am the treasurer of the English Club, I am in the Honors Program, The Quiz Bowl Team, English Honors Society, and I work in the Office of Study Abroad.


Q: How do you deal with being so busy?


A: I just do it. There are a lot of night without enough sleep, a lot of days with too many cups of tea. You just gotta do what you gotta do.


Q: What is your favorite color?


A: I actually don’t have one. I don’t pick favorites.


Interview By: Beth Pandone

While you were gone… October 24-26

Many things happened this weekend kicking off the week before Halloween.  CKI club began their Haunted Trail in the woods behind Lundy.  If you didn’t get the chance to go yet, they will still be doing it at the end of this week.  There was also a pageant for dudes on campus put on by DPhiE and it was pretty funny to watch the guys strut their stuff.  Friday night, The Fault in Our Stars movie was played and many tears were shed.  With athletics this weekend, the football team chartered a plane for their trip to play Marlst.  They lost, but only by one touchdown.  Men’s soccer won their match against Presbyterian with fan’s cheering them on.  CAB also took a trip to Charlotte this weekend to stay at the Great Wolf Lodge and go to SCarowinds.  It was a great time, riding rollercoasters, water slides, and going into haunted houses.













Written By: Hannah Gooding

While You Were Gone… Homecoming

The past week was Homecoming Week at Campbell. 

There were many CAB events as well as TAG, Thank a Giver.  The football game was very exciting as we won in the last 50 seconds.

This coming week there are many events as well.

Tuesday:  Sign up to go to Frankie’s Fun Park for only $5.  Sign up at the info desk in the Student Center

CAB Relay for Life Kick off Party 6pm

Women’s Volleyball 7pm

Wednesday: Women’s Soccer 7pm

Friday: CAB Movie Night 9pm The Fault in Our Stars

Saturday: Men’s Soccer 5pm

This week, Athletics will be giving out free stuff at all games.  Support the camels!