Throwback Thursday

I hope all of you voted for who will be on this year’s Harvest Court!  Yesterday was the last day to vote and with Homecoming next week, I decided to throw it back to Homecoming Week 1970, the year Jerry Wallace began his journey here at Campbell.

Here is a picture of brownies being sold for only ten cents!  Don’t we all wish that’s how it still was today?  College students love cheep things and ten cent brownies right now would be amazing.

photo 1










This is a picture of the Harvest Court being presented in Turner Auditorium.  The funny thing is, Turner Auditorium looks about the same as it does today.

photo 2








Make sure you show your school spirt next week and come to the all the events CAB is putting on and cheer on the sports teams and get excited for homecoming week here at Campbell!


Written By: Hannah Gooding


Bacon Day Fall 2014

Bacon Day was a success! For those of you who missed out on the delicious festivities, here is a recap.

Video By: Hannah Gooding

While You Were Gone… September 12-14

Beginning on Friday September 14, was Water Gun Assassin.  68 students signed up the week prior and they came before school let out for the weekend to pick up their water gun and their target.  At 3 p.m. the war began and many students were quickly hit by their an assassin.  At 7 that night, there were only 4 students left.  8 o’clock was the time when it would be over for the day and there were only two left for the beginning of the next morning.  Saturday, the two opponents were ready to play by 10 am, but the game only lasted a few minutes before the winner was announced.  Celeste Philips took home the prize of a Samsung tablet.  According to Weekends Committee Chair, Steph Karvosky, Celeste was excellent at Water Gun Assassin and was consistently shooting her targets.













In sports this weekend, there were three volleyball games and we got the win for one of them! If you didm’t make it to the volleyball game, the soccer game was good as well, even though we lost.  There were many opportunities to get the new Camel Rewards this weekend!  Also, make sure you come to the games for the opportunity to see Jonathan Boggs in his famous sports fan attire.

This week:

Tuesday September 16: Men’s Soccer Game- Coupons will be handed out for free tacos at Taco Bell!

Thursday September 18: Zumbathon at 7pm in Academic Circle

Friday September 19: Movie: Edge of Tomorrow at 9pm in Turner Auditorium

Friday September 19-21: Atlanta Trip

Saturday September 20: Men’s Soccer Game at 6pm

While you were Gone… September 5-7

Friday night was Pitch Perfect Night in Turner Auditorium.  Many students, such as Jacob Carlsen, enjoyed showcasing their talents by getting on stage and singing. Jacob sang Don’t Stop Believing by Journey and said, “At first I was kinda nervous and shy about performing in front of everyone but as the evening progressed I saw the excitement and decided to give it a try. It was a very fun evening.”  After everyone got tired of singing, they sat back and watched one of the best college movies: Pitch Perfect.

Saturday, many students went to Appalachian State to watch them play Campbell in football.  The night wasn’t exactly the best with rain and a delay of the game at halftime.  All the students that went with CAB left when the delay was announced at halftime.   Our Camels did their best and fought hard against the mountaineers, but we still lost with a score of  0-66.

Sunday, was the day where 14 students spent the night in the Oasis to make sure they could get a spot on the spring break cruise with CAB.  They will be going to the Western Caribbean which includes, Cozumel, Coasta Maya, Roatan, and Nassau.  There are still more spots available and for only $500, it is a great deal!

This week there are fun events going on as well, so don’t miss out!

Tuesday September 9th: Twister Paint in Saylor Park at 6pm

Friday September 12th: Women’s Volleyball at 7:00 in Gore Arena

Friday September 12-Saturday September 13: Water Gun Assassin in Academic Circle if you have already signed up.


While you Were Gone… August 22-24

This past weekend was the end of the Welcome Week activities.  If you didn’t stick around campus to enjoy the Party in the Park on Friday, you really missed out.  From snow cones and pizza to mud volleyball and water slides, there was something there for everyone, even if it was just to relax and watch fellow students get muddy.



On Saturday, students left early in the morning to go on the final Welcome Week extravaganza: a trip to Wrightsville Beach.  If they wanted to, they could even take a surfing lesson.  It was certainly a great opportunity to just relax on the beach after a few days of classes.

Back in Buies Creek on Saturday, Campbell Athletics brought free Bojangles biscuits and sandwiches for the first students who came to watch the men’s soccer game against George Mason.  Another exciting thing for fans, was that the Coke kiosk came and everyone was able to print one Coke with their name on it and one for a friend as a part of the Share a Coke campaign.  Even Gaylord joined in on the fun:



Even though the Coke kiosk had to shut down for a little while because of rain, it did open back up later on in the day while the soccer game was still going on.

If you are sad you missed out on these fun activities, don’t worry.  Campbell always has fun stuff going on.  Just check out this week’s activities:

Monday: CAB General Meeting at 5 in Turner Auditorium

Tuesday: Capture the Flag at 10 in Academic Circle

Wednesday: Last day to register and add any classes

Thursday: First home football game at 7 against UNC Charlotte

Friday: Women’s soccer game at 7 against UNCW

Written By: Hannah Gooding

Welcome Week 2014

Here is a recap of Welcome Week 2014: The Best Week Ever.  Thanks to everyone for coming out and thanks to everyone who made it a success.

By: Hannah Gooding


Bacon Love

I consider myself a lover of bacon. I mean, what doesn’t taste better with bacon? It is fabulous, and of course so are pigs. That being said, I don’t know if I want to eat bacon anytime soon. What happened you may ask to change my love of bacon? The answer is nothing. I still love bacon, but I had my fill of it  at the CAB Bacon Day event tonight. No worries though, I’m sure it will only last a day.

The event was held in Rumley and hoards of students lined up at the doors to ensure they got a coveted t-shirt. I stood in the cold for an hour, where my toes went numb and I was given bacon gum to try. I do not recommend the gum. Everyone ended up spitting it out. If you want an idea of what it tasted like think dog treat with molasses and in gum form. My advice, don’t try it. You will need gum for the gum.

The wait was worth it though. Not only were the t-shirts great, but the whole event was. After getting an “I Love Bacon” shirt, students could sample a bunch of bacon food. There was turkey bacon, peppercorn bacon, bacon in chocolate, bacon dip, sausage wrapped in bacon and ice cream (it wasn’t bacon flavored). After eating, you could participate in bacon themed games like “bacon hole” (corn hole), pig races, pin the tail on the pig, and bean and bacon soup eating contest. Prizes such as piggy banks and other bacon flavored treats were given out in bacon bags to winners.

As you can see, bacon and pigs were the order of the day, but let me tell you, it was sooo good. The pig races and chocolate bacon had to be my favorite, and you can bet your bacon I’m wearing my bacon love t-shirt.

Thanks CAB for a great event!

Written by Marisa Linton