Throwback Thursday

“The library, due to the greed of its patrons, was forced to establish a new security system. Turnstiles were installed and repeatedly repaired; evidently it was easy to break, making it noisy and ineffective in the library.” ~Pine Burr 1977



Throwback Thursday

100 Years Ago…

The year is 1914, and the world of baseball is in the spotlight. Baseball stadium Weegham Park, later to be known as Wrigley Field, opens in Chicago, and Babe Ruth makes his major league debut with the Red Sox. Woodrow Wilson, President of the United States makes Mother’s Day as an official holiday in this year. WWI is raging in Europe; however, America declares neutrality.

In the Creek, the baseball team is a proud facet of the school, and students are thrilled for their season. The baseball team can be seen in the below picture. In the 1914 Pine Burr yearboook, they said, “A few years ago the most conspicuous figure in high-school and college life was the best debator, now the best athlete claims equal consideration….a recognition of a strong body in which to build a strong mind” is essential. There were policies in place that prevented the athletes to compete in games that interfered with their “recitations”, putting an emphasis on education, but recognizing the merits of physical activity.


Written by Marisa Linton

Photo: 1914 Pine Burr, pg 58

Don’t Miss the Party

  Parties–who doesn’t like them? Most do like them, but there was a different sort of party going on in Lundy Fetterman recently thanks to the Dr. Merry for hosting. If you missed out, don’t worry, it is only the first of many!
On January 31, 2014, Dr. Merry hosted the first Campbell lan party of 2014.  There will be three more lan parties in 2014; one more this semester and two more in the fall semester.  For those of you who have never heard of a lan party, it is a gathering of people who play games together on their computer off line.  No video games are required, everyone just brings a laptop or desktop computer to connect to a router with everyone else.

Dr. Merry is the ITS professor at Campbell and has been here since 2006.  That same year the first Campbell lan party was held.  This event is not limited to current Campbell students.  Alumni such as David Helms often comes back to take part in the festivities and even helps organize the event.  “The event is a wonderful time to bond,” says freshman Grant Merry, son of Dr. Merry.
Photos and Written by: Hannah Gooding