Happy Hump Day!

Today starts Fall Break! Please remember to drive safe while going home to see family and friends! Pine Burr Staff hope to see you back on Campus on Monday! Have a great break!! CU Soon! 45359284


TBT: Family Of the Year

This weekend is Campbell’s Family Weekend, which is a weekend where families can experience the atmosphere of campbell. Each year Campbell’s bookstore, Barnes and Noble, sponsors a family who they feel like represents the university well. Last year the Gilbert family was deemed 2015 Family of the Year.


“As we were finalizing admissions papers, we ran into Campbell University President Jerry Wallace on campus and were able to speak with him. He really made us feel like we were already at home. That’s when my parents truly fell in love with the school and the caring spirits of the staff here at Campbell University.”

Each year a new family is chosen, this weekend the 2015 family will be announced at the game on Saturday at 6pm. Please remember to come attend and support you Campbell football team!!

Written by: Rachael Wheeler

Throwback Thursday:

Last March Campbell students learned Salsa by coming to the Rumley Center at Campbell where students could learn a little bit about the dance on campus. Students were taught basic moves and rhythms of salsa dance. Students came to the class in order to learn salsa dance moves for many different reasons. Salsa dance roots are based on Puerto Rican rhythms, Cuban Son, and San Montuno. However, the dance and music is always evolving. There are many different types of salsa dance based on the area they come from. In many styles of salsa dancing, as a dancer shifts their weight by stepping, the upper body remains level and nearly unaffected by the weight changes. Weight shifts cause the hips to move. Arm and shoulder movements are also incorporated. Salsa dance came to the Rumley Center at Campbell where students could learn a little bit about the dance on campus. Students were taught basic moves and rhythms of salsa dance. Students came to the class in order to learn salsa dance moves for many different reasons.

“I’m fascinated with Latin culture and I have a bicultural family so I’m really interested in Latin dance” said Audrey Jordan, a Freshman International Business and Spanish major.


Remember to take part in the unique activities that Campbell has to offer throughout the semester. There are numerous activities such as dance class, bacon day, pumpkin carving, and even speed dating.

While You Were Gone… April 10-12

This past weekend was filled with events such as Big SURS, Operation In As Much, and a variety of CAB events.  Students from all over the Big South Conference came to Campbell to show off what they have been researching.  Many students from Campbell received high awards for their research at the awards ceremony on Saturday.

Operation In As Much began Saturday morning and many different groups from campus went to different places to serve the local community.

Saturday night was the Harry Potter themed Human Chess Match.  Glasses similar to Harry’s were given out and Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone was shown outside while others competed in chess.  The winning team received a beanie with the Gryffindor colors.

Sunday was a trip to the whitewater center in Charlotte.  Students not only whitewater rafted, but they also, rock climbed, zip lined, and participated in ropes courses.  The last CAB trip of the year is coming up and there are still spaces available.  If you would like to go, visit the student center.  The trip is to Tennessee.

More events this week;

Friday: Baseball game at 6 pm and a Lacrosse game at 7 pm

Saturday: Baseball game at 4 pm

Sunday: Baseball at 2 pm and Lacrosse at 2 pm

While We Were Gone… Spring Break


Many things have happened over spring break.  From the Big South Tournament to the CAB trip, spring break is an exciting time that means we are getting closer to another school year being over.

Many students went to Myrtle Beach for spring break to participate in the Big South Tournament, to attend the game, and to enjoy the beach.  While the sea, fog, and wind may have been a setback for enjoying the beach, it was an exciting time at Coastal Carolina where the tournament was held.  The men’s basketball team had a good game on Wednesday, March 4, but lost to Garner Webb.  The women, however, won their game on Thursday and went on to the semi-finals.

The students who went on the cruise with CAB had an excellent time enjoying the weather of the tropics.  They were supposed to go to four ports: Nassau, Cozumel, Costa Maya, and Roatan.  However, the waves were too high for their boat to dock in Roatan and they only went to the other three ports, but who can complain with an otherwise excellent cruise in warm weather?!

For the Pine Burr staff, spring break was an exciting time when the last pages of this year’s yearbook was sent off to be printed.  We are excited to announce that our book will be ready for students to pick up in April and more details will be coming up as it gets closer.

I hope everyone had a wonderful, relaxing spring break and is ready to enjoy the last two months here at Campbell for the 2014-2015 year.

This weeks events:

Tuesday March 10: Lacrosse game at 4

Wednesday March 11: Salsa night at 7 in Rumley

Thursday March 12: Holi Festival at 6 in Saylor Park

Friday March 13: Baseball game at 6 and Movie night: Mockingjay Part 1 at 9 in Turner Auditorium

Saturday March 14: Pi-K at 8:30 in the Lundy Parking Lot, Lacrosse game at 1, Medieval Games at 3 in Academic Circle, and a baseball game at 4.

Written By: Hannah Gooding

While You Were Gone… January 23-25

There was not much happening this past weekend on campus, but students who went on the CAB trip to Winterplace West Virginia had a great time.  They either skied or snowboarded all day on Saturday.  It was about half and half of students who had been before and those who were brand new to the slopes.  Some students were so good they went on the black diamonds, which are the hardest trails.  There were no accidents which were life threatening, but one person in the group did get a concussion.  Always wear a helmet when skiing or snowboarding!  Inside the ski lodge was a singing/karaoke competition among everyone who was at Winterplace.  To see a video of students from Campbell singing, check out CAB’s Instagram, @cu_cab.  CAB does this trip every year so make sure if you want to go next year you sign up early!











This week:

Monday: 5 p.m. CAB General Meeting in Turner Auditorium where you get to find out who will be performing at the spring concert!    8 p.m. Men’s Basketball Game in Gore Arena.  Wear orange and get free pretzels!

Wednesday: 7 p.m. Men’s Basketball Game in Gore arena.

Thursday: 7 p.m. Date Night in the Rumley Center.  Meet new people!

Saturday: 1 p.m. Woman’s Basketball Game in Gore Arena.       3 p.m. 2nd annual Dessert Dive at the Keith Hills Pool.  Jump in the cold pool to get a t-shirt and bragging rights.


While you were gone… November 7-9

There were many athletic events this past weekend starting with Volleyball on Friday night.  Early Saturday morning, free Bojangles was served to students who came to the disc golf tournament.  Winners were given gift cards and CAB discs were given out.  Later in the day, was the football game where we killed Missouri Baptist 66-7.  The swim team also won their  match against North Florida.  The volleyball team won their game on Saturday as well against Liberty.  This past Saturday was also the first time to students got to see the men’s basketball team in action in their preview.

This week:

Tuesday November 11: CAB Game night in Shouse at 8p.m.

Wednesday November 12: Jam Session in Shouse at 7p.m.

Thursday November 13: Native American Heritage Night in the Rumley Center at 6p.m.

Friday November 14: Woman’s Basketball Game at 5p.m.

Mocktail Party-Wine and Design Event at 6p.m. in the Rumley Center.  Make sure to sign up prior.

Men’s Basketball Game at 7:30

Sunday November 16: CAB trip to see a Panther’s Game.  Make sure to sign up prior.


Written By: Hannah Gooding