While You Were Gone… September 26-28

This past weekend was Family Weekend at Campbell University.  There were several games for the families to attend. Friday: Women's Volleyball won against High Point 3-1 Saturday: Women's Soccer tied with Liberty 0-0 Men's Soccer lost against Davidson 3-1 The Football Team won against Valparasio 34-24 Along with these four sporting events, there were activities … Continue reading While You Were Gone… September 26-28

Bacon Day Fall 2014

Bacon Day was a success! For those of you who missed out on the delicious festivities, here is a recap. Video By: Hannah Gooding

Midweek Microwave Meals

If you are already tired of eating in Marshbanks, then RA of Burkot, Veronica Hammond, has a solution for you.  At a program she did in Burkot, she taught students how to make five different meals in the microwave.  Veronica enjoys baking and finding new things to try on Pinterest, so she decided to share … Continue reading Midweek Microwave Meals

SUMMER!!! Now what?

Last day! Wait, what? It is hard to believe that today is the last day of the semester.  Now that classes have ended, and everyone is trying to recover from studying and exams, it is officially summer! Woooo!! Isn't that exciting? I think so, but if you are like me, you are asking the question: … Continue reading SUMMER!!! Now what?