While you were Gone… October 31-Nov 2

Friday was Halloween and although many students went off campus for Halloween activities, there were many Halloween activities on campus.  The Pit was put on by the theatre department and it was well done by students who enjoy dressing up as someone they are not.  The Haunted Trail in the woods was done by CKI and was also a hit on campus.

There were also many athletic events.  On Friday there was a Volleyball game against Gardner Webb which we lost.  However, the costume contest was a success as the student who came as coach Wanda Watkins won the $100 gift card to County Seat.

Saturday was a big day for athletics as men’s soccer, women’s volleyball, and the football team all played.  Although they all lost, we know they tried hard.

Sunday was a women’s soccer game and the final results against Gardner Webb was 1-0 with Campbell winning.

Also on Sunday was a trip to Frankie’s Fun Park with CAB.  For only $5 students had fun on bumper cars, playing laser tag and much more.  The next trip with CAB will be go to to the midnight premiere of  Mockingjay so don’t miss out.  Sign ups will be Tuesday November 4th and the trip is only $5.

This week:

Pumpkin smashing has been rescheduled to Tuesday November 4th at 7pm in Academic Circle.

Friday November 7th is a Volleyball game

Saturday November 8th: CAB Disk Golf Tournament including breakfast and prizes at 9 am

Football at 1pm

Women’s Volleyball at 4pm

Men’s soccer at 6pm

Men’s basketball game at 8pm

Also be sure to check out what is happening with the Greek societies this week as they compete agaisnt each other in Greek Week.


Written By: Hannah Gooding


Throwback Thursday

Halloween is tomorrow! How many procrastinators out there still don’t know what to wear?  Back in 1991, many students simply painted their faces for their costumes.












































And some students just used what they had.  Many of you may already have this costume considering we recently had a Greek Dance.











Many of you may be thinking, “i have no idea how to paint my face to make it look like a mask”.  Well you have two options.  1. Look it up on Youtube.  2. Become friends with an art major. You could gain a lifelong friend!  Have a Happy Halloween!


Written By: Hannah Gooding

While you were gone… October 24-26

Many things happened this weekend kicking off the week before Halloween.  CKI club began their Haunted Trail in the woods behind Lundy.  If you didn’t get the chance to go yet, they will still be doing it at the end of this week.  There was also a pageant for dudes on campus put on by DPhiE and it was pretty funny to watch the guys strut their stuff.  Friday night, The Fault in Our Stars movie was played and many tears were shed.  With athletics this weekend, the football team chartered a plane for their trip to play Marlst.  They lost, but only by one touchdown.  Men’s soccer won their match against Presbyterian with fan’s cheering them on.  CAB also took a trip to Charlotte this weekend to stay at the Great Wolf Lodge and go to SCarowinds.  It was a great time, riding rollercoasters, water slides, and going into haunted houses.













Written By: Hannah Gooding

Throwback Thursday











I have often wondered where the obsession for zombies came from over the past few years.  There are so many movies now concerning the Zombie Apocalypse such as World War Z and zombie movies in general such as Warm Bodies.  Why did people get so obsessed with zombies recently? Well an explanation to my question was found in the 1998 yearbook.  The picture above was found in the book.  This shows people have always been fascinated by the thought of zombies.  Zombie movies have also been around for awhile as well.  In 1998, Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island was released.  Zombie movies have been made ever since movies first began being produced.  With the month of October being halfway over, it is time to start watching films that will scare you to begin celebrating Halloween.  How many of you will be dressing up as a zombie for Halloween this year?


Written By: Hannah Gooding

The Procrastinator’s Costume

Halloween is in less than a week, and if you are like me and every other college student you are probably two things: a professional procastinator and broke. These are serious problems when it comes to dressing up for Halloween; it is more than what should I wear, but is what should I be? Here are some DIY costume ideas that are fun and cheap that are a bit more original than the ghostly white sheet with holes.

  1. The Stick Figure: This one is so simple, it is almost cheating. Take white pants and a white shirt, put some electrical tape or other black tape on it for you body. Take a paper plate, draw a face on it, punch some holes for eyes and bam, you have a stick figure costume. c36fa697782875fa796cc885efb7e65b











2. Twister Game: Left hand, yellow, right foot, blue. Oh glorious Twister. Embrace the game in a new way by making it your costume. Buy the game, and cut a hole in the mat so that your head can go through, and you can wear it like a poncho. Put a string on the spinner and wear it around your neck. Ta-dum! You are Twister!










3. Magnificent Medusa: Here is a pretty one for you girls. Wear your Greecian inspired dress with some pretty gold jewelry. Put your hair up in a bun with braids and add fake, plastic snakes to your hair. Voila! Medusa. You can find the snakes at Dollar Tree or Walmart for cheap!














4. Four Seasons: Do your friends procrastinate as much as you? Do ya’ll fight over what season is best? No problem, make everyone happy and be the four seasons, spring, summer, fall and winter. Mix it up and be creative. It doesn’t have to be terribly fancy. Here is an example of what some others did:












5. The All Purpose Cardboard Box: Think of it like a blank canvas. Paint it, carve it, add on to it, just make it unique and fabulous. Here are some ideas to get you started:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.




6. Duck Dynasty: of course you can always put your camo on and start No Shave November early by growing a beard, mimicking Duck Dynasty. If you don’t have their beard growing abilities, though, just go get you one.











7. Making Do: Don’t be afraid to look in your closet. Be a nerd and hike your pants up high with tacky socks. Wear your prom dress and add a tiara to be a princess. Put on pajamas and have a slumber party. Be creative!

The important thing is to have fun. Show us what you come up with by sending photos on Facebook. It doesn’t even have to be one that you made. We just want to see what everyone is.

As for me, I need to get working on my costume (I’m going to be a disco ball with every glittery and blinged out thing I own plus some.) … oh, how I procrastinate.

Written by: Marisa Linton